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  • Zustandsüberwachung von 1 bis 6 Gasen


The EMERGENCY ALARM PANEL monitors the network pressure of medical gases and vacuum:

oxygen O2

nitrus oxide N2O

carbon dioxide CO2

compressed air Air

vacuum Vac

The membrane keyboard consists of an embossed aluminium frame, coulour RAL 9002 with powder coating and a electronic unit fixed with the frame via fixing strips.

The easy and inexpensive Mounting is allowed by a patented locking technology in connection with the mounting frame on the device mounting housings.

The membrane keyboard can show 1-3 emergency signals for series 3CM and 1-5 emergency signals for series 5CM. 

Marking the emergency signals by pushing the labels into the labeling fields being behind the foil for hygenic reasons.

The patented caption allows for easy replacement.

In addition, the emergency signal devices can be used for all industrial gas supply systems.

Technische Daten:
  • Netzspannung

  • Sicherheitskleinspannung

  • Bemessungsfrequenz

  • Bemessungsstrom

  • Alarmton

  • Schutzart

  • Zulassung

  • Temperaturbereich

  • Elektrische Anschlüsse

  • Abmessungen

230 V

AC 24V, ± 15%

50 Hz

20,5 mA

60 dB (1m Abstand)


Ex II 1, EEx ia IIC

−10°C / +40°C

- je 1 potentialfreier Kontakt pro Medium

- Nebenwarnung

- Bussystem [optional]

... für bis zu 3 Medien:

238 mm × 200 mm × 80,5 mm (B × H × T)

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